The Name is Ganesh Kamath. Born in the district of Mangalore, Raised in “MayaNagari” Mumbai. Presently based in Bangalore.

I hold a Masters in Business Administrations in the field of International Business Management and work as a full time Human Resources Professional. (I need to put that degree to some use, isn’t it? And it fuels my passion of photography, so why not!)

The series of clicking pictures began when I was a kid. I used to, secretly, take my Dad’s kodak and click random pictures of random people (just image my dad’s reaction while he put the images for processing 😂). The photography bug bit me during my early twenties, and looking at me running around, taking pictures using the phone I had back then (Maxx MQ430), he got me a Nikon Coolpix (Here began my love for Nikon). As time passed by, photography started becoming a vital part of my life and today, it is a passion that runs along with blood in my veins (too much?).

In 2015, I bought my first DSLR, The Nikon D5200 and it has been my companion ever since. I specialise in candid, streets, and portraiture photography styles and am trying to get more into photojournalistic kind.

And, let’s move on to who inspires me. Well, the first and foremost answer is YOU! Yes, you read it right, YOU! The way you as audience, support and encourage us artist is beyond compare. Then some big names like Paul Nicklen, Steve McCurry, Lee Jeffries and the list goes on.. Inspiration is everywhere, you just have to see it as one!

Finally, the people I love the most and have been a there irrespective how stupid, arrogant, weird or crazy I behave have never left my side. They have supported me on all aspects be it life or photography and have showered love over me unconditionally.

Thank You & I Love You Nidhi Didu, My Family and a few cousins (who won’tlet me go without a click).

I know the above name should come on the top, but as they “The best is always kept for the last”, these are the best ones of my life!

Thank You reading along and Thanks for visiting!