Get Involved, Become a Part

You know how people say, Life is short, Live every moment OR Time once lost is lost for ever. Motivational quotes where one relates to the Positive energy and the other with Living in the present.

How about I tell you, imply this in your photography skills! When you go in as a photographer be it streets, weddings, Fashion portraits, landscape or whatever other type it is, Live it, become a part of it.

The moment you become a part of it, things becomes easier for you as a photographer! It shouldn’t be like you reach a venue for shoot, randomly click somebody and get back to life.

Photography is not just about clicking pictures, it is about connecting your audience or viewers with the picture or the story you are trying to speak through your photos. This is only possible when you connect yourself with it or the surroundings.

So Become a part of or get involved and you can see the difference in the results of your art!


(Writing after weeks, Bear with me!)

P.S. No pictures this time! 😅

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