Get Involved, Become a Part

You know how people say, Life is short, Live every moment OR Time once lost is lost for ever. Motivational quotes where one relates to the Positive energy and the other with Living in the present.

How about I tell you, imply this in your photography skills! When you go in as a photographer be it streets, weddings, Fashion portraits, landscape or whatever other type it is, Live it, become a part of it.

The moment you become a part of it, things becomes easier for you as a photographer! It shouldn’t be like you reach a venue for shoot, randomly click somebody and get back to life.

Photography is not just about clicking pictures, it is about connecting your audience or viewers with the picture or the story you are trying to speak through your photos. This is only possible when you connect yourself with it or the surroundings.

So Become a part of or get involved and you can see the difference in the results of your art!


(Writing after weeks, Bear with me!)

P.S. No pictures this time! 😅

I feel I’m getting inclined towards streets.!

Remember when you get something new in your hand and you start experimenting with it, trying to figure out what the thing is or does; sometimes How well.

That was my situation after I bought my DSLR. I was like,

Buy a DSLR – ✅

Show off with the DSLR – ✅

Learn Manual Mode – ✅ (Cz Nobody wants to end up being the ‘Auto Mode’ guy)

Genre of photography I wanna get into – ❌

I never really thought about what genre I wanted to get into.

I started carrying my camera around whenever I travelled out of station. Even then, it was put aside after I reached the place.

Then one day a friend of mine told me about The photowalks (a meet up of photographers that happens once a while to click, share and learn (Ask me, it’s more of a Click, Click and Eat kinda situation). So, I got myself registered for one of them and went on for it.

Okay, so I’m not the crowd lover type and neither am I the one who starts speaking as soon as I see. For me it was strange thing since, the time I have been among a crowd is only when

  1. There is a super sale going on somewhere and my Mom has dragged me to it
  2. I would have mistaken expressed something that sounds like “xxxx Restaurant, My Treat” (Trust me, Even the people who don’t like you, become best friends for that day) 😂

It took me almost half a dozen photowalks to get used to the amount of people/photographers who show up for these events. This was only to get used to the crowd and get to know a couple of people.

Though Photowalks are usually theme or concept based, majority of them are streets since you don’t have extra props and you find that concept or theme around you!

However, it was the people I met and got to know about through these photowalks who introduced me to the streets and portraits. Strange, How randomly you walk upto a stranger and ask him/her you can click a picture or the spontaneity of the moment used for striking a conversation so that the person becomes your model.

I was hesitant at first to start into this genre, “The Log kya kahenge”/“what would people think?” Philosophy. After 3 street sessions, I realised Nobody gives a rat’s ass about it. People see, they talk, leave and forget. At max they ask “What are you doing this for?”

I still remember, During a street session that I was doing, I got lost and I sat there, next to a person observing the things, subconsciously striking a conversation with the person.

That was a moment of realisation, I guess, on the streets when I sat there with that person I didn’t know who he was. There is so much to click and share in and around you that your end may end but the stories the lanes and streets tell you never ends. The same place shares a new story everyday.

Street photography changed my life.

To be precise, A person like me who’s never uttered a word among (un)known people to talk, is shy or uncomfortable among too many number of people, now can sit with random strangers and chat for hours, turned confident. Even My school’s personality development professor failed to inculcate this in me 😅.

I started getting inclined towards streets, whenever I get a chance I head over to the streets to have get some pictures or some stories!

Some of my street photos –

Initially when I started,

1. Kids discussing and playing on the road

2. Mom Feeding the Kid

3. The bond of a Father and a Son

From the recent Streets –

4. Reflections

5. This Kid is unwilling to share the tire!

6. Waiting for the early Birds

Thats All.!

Do Let me know what you feel, constructive comment and suggestions are welcome through comment s section.