Understanding the concepts…

When I first bought my DSLR, I had no clue what I was going to do with it.

Shoot, duh!

I know, I would use it shoot, but what would I shoot was the major concern. And as an icing on the cake, I had no clue how to use that freaking gadget in the first place. All I knew was, if I press a button the camera make a noise which means the photo is clicked.

I started with not even the basic knowledge or understanding of Aperture, Shutter. ISO, light and the other basic rules were literally a foreign element for me. So, I started with reading the manual of the camera. Trust me when I tell you, I read the entire book twice and didn’t understand hit from it except for what is located where on the camera that I have bought.

I moved to YouTube for further assistance and then things started getting more clearer. I understood about Auto Mode with and without Flash. (Some of the images below)

There is no point of buying this expensive equipment if I had to click on Auto mode, I thought to myself. Hence, I continued explore more videos; now about Manual Mode.

Let me tell you something here, No Video or person in the world can teach you perfectly how to use the Manual mode. There is a reason it is called Manual Mode, it is because the photographer can play with the Settings on the camera for the image he wants.

I learnt Manual Mode by observing the Auto Mode. Since everything was Auto, the camera system changed its setting according to the environment, by adjusting the aperture, shutter Speed and ISO and let in only the required amount of light inside the frame.

Slowly, I used to see what the Auto mode suggested and then move it Manual, and apply those settings to check myself and then click an image. I started playing with it in such a way that I reduced the shutter to see the result or increased the aperture to see how that affects.

After months of experimenting, I got a little grip on Manual Mode, I didn’t need Auto mode for guidance, I started creating my own settings. I failed umpteen number of times but hey, at least I started somewhere.

After lot of struggle and experimentation, I could click some decent pics on Manual. (See images below)

Now, I get decent pictures on Manual.

So The Guru Mantra is keep practising and keep clickin’


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