Why did I start “I am Picturesque”?

I have been clicking pictures for over a couple of years now, for pleasure and internal peace. However, it is recently that I have turned towards the social media to show the world what I do using my camera.

In today’s world, social media plays a vital role in making or breaking the image of an individual or Business.

I made my debut as an artist/a photographer on the Social Media Platform through Instagram. Here my contest to understand the social media began.

From Instagram to Facebook Page to 500px, 500px studios and other photography network like LensCulture etc. I found recognition on a couple of them, whereas on some it was down to dust.

“See my pictures are better than yours”


“See I can compose an image better than yours”

No, I didn’t come here to challenge any artist/photographers.

Everybody should get their fair share to put forth their work in front of the world and I am here to do the same things.

And, Looking for the long run – To take “I am Picturesque” to new heights!

Cheers! 🍻

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